Miho Noguchi

Japan-Based Multilingual Event Host / Emcee

Voice-Over Actor

Public Speaking Coach

Mrs. Globe Japan 2017 


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Miho Noguchi

Multilingual In-Person & Virtual Event Host / Emcee in Japan





Hire an  MC who is 100% committed to your event success in Japan!

Think of a professional event host as your secret ally, not a luxury. They're the driving force behind an unforgettable experience, saving you an abundance of energy while ensuring your event unfolds seamlessly, from the very first moment to the grand finale.

Meet Miho Noguchi, our seasoned event host with over two decades of experience, catering to world-class clients. Her expertise shines in the realm of high-end international events, where cross-cultural communication and language skills are the keys to success. 

Are you ready to elevate your event to new heights with Miho as your host? Contact us now to check her availability and embark on a journey towards an event that will be remembered for years to come.

About Miho


Live Event Host / Emcee (MC) 

Need to drive your message to your international audience? A multilingual presenter and an MC can help create a global atmosphere at your event, which at the same time can contribute to expanding a business or sharing a culture and traditions. Hiring a multilingual presenter to host your event can say a lot about your brand and your values.

Selected clients:  G7 Summit, Airbus, Ferarri,  Goolge, Rugby World Cup 2019, Gastech, Bank of Singapore, and more.


Virtual & Hybrid Event Host

An experienced, confident, professional emcee or a moderator is essential to the success of your virtual events. The role brings enthusiasm and energy, an ability to truly connect with audiences through expression, improvisation and connection with the presenter.

Selected clients:  Nissan, Shiseido, Cotton U.S.A., World Sushi Cup Japan

Virtual Event Emcee (MC) & Host

An experienced, confident, professional bilingual/multilingual emcee or a moderator is essential to the success of your global virtual events. The role brings enthusiasm and energy, an ability to truly connect with audiences through expression, improvisation and connection with the presenter.

Past clients include:  Nissan, Shiseido, Cotton U.S.A., World Sushi Cup Japan


International Trade Show Presenter

Trade shows are huge investments.  And to effectively captivate your visitors attention, finding an engaging and skilled presenter is vital to effectively communicate your core corporate message and boost your business opportunities and sales.

Selected clients:  Hakuhodo, Seiksui House(CES), Dutch Embassy in Japan

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Miho's clients include:



Such a professional

"It was our absolute pleasure having Miho as our host for the virtual launch. She is a delight to work with - very capable and professional. Her personal anecdotes put the speakers at ease and, her ability to take comments and moments from the day and bring them to life with a relevant story, really made the event.

Miho demonstrated a unique passion for innovation and life. Her passion is infectious and lifted the energy of the virtual environment. This is reflective of her skill as a presenter and her performance was indeed Inspiring and thought provoking. Her efforts across both day and night were well received by all. It’s been nothing but praise for her from all delegates so thank her for contributing so much and making it the success it was.

On a personal level, she is EXTREMELY easy to work with… I appreciated her cool, calm and collected approach! It was great to work with such a professional.


- Mr. Tenda Teo
Vice President, George P. Johnson
(Nissan Ariya World Premiere Event)

An awesome MC!

"Miho Noguchi is a professional bilingual emcee that is able to host a wide range of events like ours where guests were all from different Asian countries. She is truly a dedicated and awesome emcee ensuring the entire event flow went smooth. Miho was able to accommodate to our requests for the programme and her delivery was professional and engaging. "


- Jaynell Ling
Wizardess, Fable Fiction, Malaysia

Miho is a great public speaker!


"It as a real pleasure to work with Miho on our event. Her proactivity and hands-on approach was very valuable for both event managers and the guest speakers. Her friendly attitude and great skills as public speaker were key to successfully entertain and international audience in both English and Japanese language. Something I really appreciated about Miho si that she had a wide vision of the event itself becoming a key player in the delivery of guests experience. I would not hesitate to contact Miho again for my next event!"


-Martina Natali
Operations Manager, STH Japan
(Rugby World Cup Japan 2019 Hospitality Program)

Miho est une vraie professionnelle


"Miho est une vraie professionnelle. C’est avec sérénité que nous avons préparé son intervention ensemble, elle est engagée et à l’écoute des demandes clients. Elle sait également garder son sourire même lorsque l’événement est stressant. Elle a cœur de bien faire et de satisfaire son client. Son anglais comme son français sont impeccables. Je recommande à 100% Miho et si j’en ai l’occasion je ne manquerai pas de la solliciter de nouveau."


-Virginie Saint-Léger
Chef de projet Event, Médiane Event & Travel
(Boeing x Japan Airlines delivery ceremony)

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Miho's clients includes:

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